I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I. (1982, USA) B&W-74m. ** D: Marius Penczner. Starring James Raspberry, Larry Raspberry, John Gillick, Anthony Isbell, Christina Wellford, Laurence Hall, Rick Crowe. Pretty unique little cult movie about two F.B.I. agents, who are confronted with an alien invasion just when they are bringing two notorious criminals to prison. It turns out the aliens want to steal an important cola-formula and turn everyone into zombies! Send-up of 50s sci-fi and paranoia films is definitely not as cheesy as it sounds, especially not in 2005 DVD release, which pimps up the soundtrack and special effects. Surprisingly straight and watchable, doesn't play for laughs in spite of itself. A worthwhile view for cult movie enthusiasts. Written by the director.


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