Witchery (1988, ITA/USA) C-96m. M D: Martin Newlin (=Fabrizio Laurenti). Starring David Hasselhoff, Linda Blair, Catherine Hickland, Annie Ross, Hildegard Knef, Leslie Cumming. Several people, including Hasselhoff (pre-Baywatch) and Blair, visit a mysterious mansion on a deserted island that turns out to be haunted by witch Knef. Completely unconvincing horror trash with some of the most demented casting ever. Pretty gory, but repellently so. Joe D'Amato produced this follow-up to Umberto Lenzi's LA CASA 3 - GHOSTHOUSE (1988), which was an Italian continuation of the HOUSE movies. Followed by LA CASA 5 (1990). Also known as GHOSTHOUSE 2, and WITCHCRAFT.


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