Man With Bogart's Face, The (1980, USA) C-111m. **D: Robert Day. Starring Robert Sacchi, Franco Nero, Michelle Phillips, Olivia Hussey, Misty Rowe, Victor Buono, Herbert Lom, Sybil Danning, George Raft, Yvonne De Carlo, Philip Baker Hall. Amusing take on Hollywood film noir stars Sacchi as a private detective, who gets facial surgery to look like his idol Humphrey Bogart and then takes on a case a la THE MALTESE FALCON (1941). Good fun for buffs, although plot could have been a little more focused and tighter. Almost good. Sacchi does a great Bogart impression (as in the giallo CASA D'APPUNTAMENTO). Written and produced by Andrew J. Fenady, based on his novel. Also known as SAM MARLOW, PRIVATE EYE.


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