Keoma (1976, ITA) C-92m. SCOPE *** D: Enzo G. Castellari. Starring Franco Nero, Woody Strode, William Berger, Donald O'Brien, Olga Karlatos, Alfio Caltabiano. One of the last spaghettis is a revisionist western with a defeatist point of view. Keoma (Nero) returns home, revisiting his foster father Berger and former slave Strode, but finds their town under control of villain O'Brien. The embittered half-breed then proceeds to protect and avenge sick prostitute Karlatos. Uneven, depressing plot but overall a powerful movie experience, film has become a cult item. Story by George Eastman (Luigi Montefiori). Uncut version runs 100m. English titles: DESPERADO, DJANGO RIDES AGAIN, DJANGO'S GREAT RETURN, and THE VIOLENT BREED.


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