Delitto Matteotti, Il (1973, ITA) C-118m. SCOPE *** D: Florestano Vancini. Starring Mario Adorf, Riccardo Cucciolla, Damiano Damiani, Vittorio De Sica, Umberto Orsini, Franco Nero. Earnest historical drama set in Italy of the 1920s. Politician Matteotti (Nero) dares to speak out against Fascist party and their leader Mussollini (Adorf) in parliament. On the next day he is kidnapped and silenced. Will Mussollini stand the public outrage and the attacks of the opposition? Talky but generally well-handled drama, intensely acted, with supporting actor Adorf doing well in the leading role, as well as director Damiani in a rare acting role. English title: THE ASSASSINATION OF MATTEOTTI.


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