Chinos y Minifaldas (1967, SPA/ITA/GER) C-83m. ** D: Ramón Comas. Starring Adrian Hoven, Barth Warren, Gérard Landry, Teresa del Río, Lilia Neyung, Karin Feddersen, Wolfgang Preiss. Another attempt at cashing in on the James Bond mania that swept across the world in the mid-60s. Hoven plays a womanizing special agent, who tries to protect the world from a Chinese Fu Manchu-type villain and thwart his plans to use a special drug on a foreign minister. Quite amusing how Hoven kisses girls at the craziest of moments (he calls himself 'globetrotting Samaritan for lonely women'). Otherwise pretty shoddy and nowhere near the real James Bond. For devotees of this stuff. Score by Piero Umiliani. English title: DEATH ON A RAINY DAY.


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