Tokugawa Onna Keibatsu-Shi (1968, JAP) C-96m. SCOPE ** D: Teruo Ishii. Starring Yuki Kagawa, Asao Koike, Reiko Mikasa, Miki Obana. This first of eight or nine Japanese torture movies dealing with the sadistic tyranny of the Tokugawa dynasty in 17th century. Film is divided into three short stories: The first one is about a woman who becomes a whore in order to help her sick brother, the second deals with sinful nuns and monks, and the third story is about a tattoo artist who gets his inspiration in a torture chamber. Exceedingly violent but stories carry little impact. Followed by TOKUGAWA ONNA KEIZU. English titles: PUNISHMENT OF THE TOKUGAWA WOMEN, and THE JOY OF TORTURE.


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