Prophétie des Grenouilles, La (2003, FRA) C-91m. ** D: Jacques-Remy Girerd. Starring (the voices of) Michel Piccoli, Anouk Grinberg, Annie Girardot, Michel Galabru, Kevin Hervé, Coline Girerd. Orphan Tom lives in the country with his foster parents, the old sailor Ferdinand (whom he calls grandfather) and his African wife. One day the owners of a nearby zoo go on a holiday to Africa (to catch some crocodiles), and just then a flood hits the country. The zoo animals find refuge in the sailor's lighthouse, which is floating on a giant tractor wheel. Cute animation retains a refreshing picture book look, but the story (a Noah's Ark variation) is uneven and has a jarring twist, which gives the bad guys the upper hand. English title: RAINING CATS AND FROGS.


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