Lumikuningatar (1986, FIN) C-88m. *** D: Päivi Hartzell. Starring Satu Silvo, Outi Vainionkulma, Sebastian Kaatrasalo, Tuula Nyman, Kiti Kokkonen, Kari Väänänen. Astounding fairy tale/fantasy, based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen. The evil snow queen (Silvo) lures an innocent boy into her sleigh and brings him to her ice kingdom. The boy's sister then embarks on a wondrous journey to find and rescue her brother. Brilliantly photographed, highly artistic rendering of the fairy tale, with a beautiful score by Jukka Linkola. Often unconventional (and not really for small kids) but deserves to be seen more widely. English title: THE SNOW QUEEN.


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