Polizia Interviene: Ordine di Uccidere!, La (1975, ITA) C-101m. ** D: Giuseppe Rosati. Starring James Mason, Leonard Mann, Stephen Boyd, Janet Agren, Enrico Maria Salerno, Fausto Tozzi, Tom Felleghy, Franco Ressel, Goffredo Unger. Inspector Mann investigates the kidnapping of a rich industrialist and seems to uncover a web of conspiracies and blackmail. His relationship with Agren suffers and soon he becomes a target himself. Quite good, character-driven crime drama with a nice score by Paolo Vasile, one of the better poliziottescos. Mann is good in title role. Alternative Italian title: LA MANA SINISTRA DELLA LEGGE. English title: LEFT HAND OF THE LAW.


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