Slalom (1965, ITA/FRA/EGY) C-95m. SCOPE ** D: Luciano Salce. Starring Vittorio Gassman, Adolfo Celi, Daniela Bianchi, Beba Loncar. Quite entertaining spy comedy, obviously an attempt to spoof the James Bond series. Friends Celi and Gassman go on a skiing holiday in Italy, where they hope to get rid of their wives and have some affairs. Gassman's presumed nightcap, however, turns out to be a secret agent, and she abducts him to Egypt, where he must play the stand-in for a deceased spy. Comic sequences are exaggerated, but this bit of 60s nostalgia isn't bad, overall quite amusing. Reminiscent in some ways of THE PINK PANTHER (1963). Bianchi had played a Bond girl in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963), Celi did the villain in THUNDERBALL (1965). Score by Ennio Morricone. Original version might run longer.


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