Daisy Town (1971, FRA/BEL) C-71m. ** D: René Goscinny, Morris. Starring (the voices of) Marcel Bozzuffi, Pierre Trabaud, Jacques Balutin. Time has not been kind to the lonesome cartoon cowboy Lucky Luke's first feature film adventure. Story about western community of Daisy Town, which is ruled by outlaws is told in non-chalant fashion, with only sight gags seeming to count. You read the exact same story in the comic book in 15-20 minutes, so why slow down the experience? For fans. Followed by a Turkish LUCKY LUKE adaptation in 1974, two sequels (1978 and 1983), a 1983 animated TV series, an Italian 1991 remake and TV series with Terence Hill, a French TV series in 2001 and a new feature film in 2004 (LES DALTONS).


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