Crypt of the Living Dead (1973, USA/SPA) C-86m. ** D: Julio Salvador, Ray Danton. Starring Andrew Prine, Mark Damon, Patty Shepard, Frank Brana, Ihsan Gedik, John Alderman. Not-bad horror concoction based on a vampire story written around 1900. Prine comes to Spanish seaside community to investigate his father's death, finds that he was crushed to death underneath the tomb of an alleged vampiress. The townspeople are afraid that she might be resurrected. Earnest acting, good score (by Phillip Lambro) enliven this gothic yarn. For fans. Reportedly, this was edited from the Spanish original version titled LA TUMBA DE LA ISLA MALDITA, with director Danton adding several scenes. Alternative titles: HANNAH: QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES, VAMPIRE WOMAN, VAMPIRE WOMEN, and YOUNG HANNAH: QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES.


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