Anguilla da Trecento Millioni, Un' (1971, ITA) C-95m. SCOPE ** D: Salvatore Samperi. Starring Ottavia Piccolo, Lino Toffolo, Mario Adorf, Rodolfo Baldini, Gabriele Ferzetti, Senta Berger. Light-weight crime comedy, pretty much a relic of its time. Toffolo is dim-witted eel thief who constantly angers Adorf. One day he and his friend help out a wealthy friend by looking after his spoilt daughter. Only it turns out that she is not his daughter but his kidnap victim! Some funny twists make this worthwhile, but pace slows down considerably at times. Berger's role as a sex-hungry contessa is one big joke. Cowritten by Aldo Lado, who also assisted director Samperi (MALIZIA). English title: AN EEL WORTH 300 MILLION.


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