Tout le Monde Il Est Beau, Tout le Monde Il Est Gentil (1972, FRA/ITA) C-84m. ** D: Jean Yanne. Starring Jean Yanne, Bernard Blier, Michel Serrault, Marina Vlady, Jacques Francois, Paul Préboist, Maurice Risch. After doing some research in a developing country, radio reporter Yanne returns home to France and finds his station considerably changed. It has turned into a Christian channel and Yanne seems superfluous. How can he strike back? Satirical comedy seems like a vanity product for Yanne, who also directed. No narrative thrust, very few laughs. Of curio value at best. First of seven films Yanne directed in his career. Followed by a TV series in the late 1980s. English title: EVERYBODY HE IS NICE, EVERYBODY HE IS BEAUTIFUL.


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