Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A (1979, GBR/USA) C-106m. ** D: Ralph Thomas. Starring Richard Jordan, Oliver Tobias, David Niven, Elke Sommer, Gloria Grahame, Richard Johnson, Hugh Griffith, John Rhys-Davies, Bruce Boa, Alfred Molina. Tame, boring caper about ex-con Jordan, who gets a job as an electrician working after hours at a bank (!) and Niven, who plans a robbery with his help. Remains watchable despite slow pace. Sommer's nude scene among the most gratuitous of her career. Alfred Molina debuts in a bit part. Director Thomas' last film as a director. Alternative titles: THE BIG SCAM, THE BIGGEST BANK ROBBERY, and THE MAYFAIR BANK CAPER.


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