Allegro Non Troppo (1977, ITA) C/B&W-85m. *** D: Bruno Bozzetto. Starring Marialuisa Giovannini, Néstor Garay, Maurizio Micheli, Maurizio Nichetti. Italian animation classic rivals Disney's FANTASIA (1940), albeit this is not for children. Frame story is awkward, even off-putting as it is set during an orchestra rehearsal, with a presenter talking straight into the camera. The conductor is the animator who turns pieces of classical music (by Debussy, Dvorak, Vivaldi etc.) into visual poems. Some sequences show off Bozzetto's artistic mastery, especially the rhythmical one set to Maurice Ravel's Bolero. Recommended to buffs. The director's most famous character, Signor Rossi, makes a cameo appearance.


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