Dabide no Hoshi: Bishoujo-Gari (1979)

Dabide no Hoshi: Bishoujo-Gari (1979, JAP) C-100m. SCOPE ** D: Norifumi Suzuki. Starring Shun Domon, Hiromi Namino, Asami Ogawa, Natsuko Yagi. Following a brutal rape by a sex maniac (before her husband's eyes), a woman gives birth to a son. The boy must witness the horrible degradation of his mother by his father and later becomes a maniac himself; he lures women into his sophisticated torture chamber in the basement of his mansion. Controversial shocker about obsession and the burden of heritage (typically Japanese issues) is remarkable in many ways. Although it is repeatedly voyeuristic and obviously takes joy in depicting the women's suffering, film is competently made and offers a thoughtful characterization of the main character. Bogs down a little in the second half, but worth watching for people who are not easily offended. Based on an Anime film series and a Manga by Masaaki Soto. English titles: BEAUTIFUL GIRL HUNTER, STAR OF DAVID: BEAUTY HUNTING.


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