La Meilleure Facon de Marcher (1976)

Meilleure Facon de Marcher, La (1976, FRA) C-85m. ** D: Claude Miller. Starring Patrick Dewaere, Patrick Bouchitey, Christine Pascal, Claude Piéplu, Marc Chapiteau, Michel Blanc. Several young men are working as instructors in a holiday camp for children. One of them (Bouchitey) cannot understand the low-brow humor and machismo of the others. When he is caught by fellow instructor Dewaere dressing up as a woman, the two men begin a very private feud, where Dewaere is out to humiliate, but keeps Bouchitay's preferences a secret towards the others. Interesting, low-key drama suffers from miscasting of Dewaere, who is simply not credible as a macho (his character is extremely vile). Debut feature by the director of the underground cult MORTELLE RANDONNEE (1983) and DITES-LUI QUE JE L'AIME (1977). English titles: THE BEST WAY, THE BEST WAY TO WALK.


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