Scream… and Die! (1973)

Scream… and Die! (1973, GBR) C-98m. ** D: Joseph (=José Ramón) Larraz. Starring Andrea Allan, Karl Lanchbury, Maggie Walker, Peter Forbes-Robertson, Judy Matheson. Strange sex-and-crime concoction about fashion model Allan, who stumbles into strange mansion with her boyfriend, only to witness a gruesome sex murder. She manages to escape, but her lover remains missing. Is the killer targeting her now? Sounds much more interesting than it plays, it goes nowhere after establishing the premise. Sluggish, talky thriller with a handful of rewarding features for buffs: Some stylish lighting, Allan's gorgeous physique (she can act, too!) and a bizarre love sequence involving a middle-aged woman. Film was written by Derek Ford (perhaps inspired by Italian B-movies of the period), who also edited part of it. Alternative titles: DON'T GO INTO THE BEDROOM, THE HOUSE THAT VANISHED, and PSYCHO SEX FIEND.


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