La Comunidad (2000)

Comunidad, La (2000, SPA) C-110m. SCOPE ** D: Alex de la Iglesia. Starring Carmen Maura, Eduardo Antuna, María Asquerino, Jesús Bonilla, Marta Fernández Muro. Strange, grotesque thriller will just not stand the admittedly obvious comparison to THE TENANT (1976) and DELICATESSEN (1991): Real estate agent Maura decides to spend the night in an extravagant apartment she is supposed to sell. That night she finds out that the upstairs neighbor has died and discovers the money he has been hiding from the neighbors. It seems the 'comunidad' will do anything to get the money, and Maura may not leave the house alive. Plot is so wild and grotesque, almost every single cliffhanger scene seems artificial. Still, Maura gives her all, and film boasts sharp editing and a full-blown, almost Bernard-Hermann-like suspense score. Worth a look. English title: COMMON WEALTH.


© Ron Altman