Le Vieux Fusil (1975)

Vieux Fusil, Le (1975, FRA/GER) C-102m. *** D: Robert Enrico. Starring Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider, Jean Bouise, Joachim Hansen, Robert Hoffmann, Karl Michael Vogler. Harrowing thriller drama set towards the end of WW2: Doctor Noiret sends his wife Schneider and their daughter to his country estate, hoping to keep them away from the German troops in his occupied village. When he goes to visit them, he must realize that his beloved ones have already fallen prey to them. Embittered he goes on a rampage to kill all German soldiers. Unusual revenge drama combines touching flashbacks detailing Noiret's infatuation with Schneider with shocking bursts of violence. An interesting, little-known parable on the end of innocence and a telling comment on the end of WW2 that also boasts charismatic star performances. Watch this one! Winner of 3 César Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor (Noiret) and Best Score (a melancholy one by Francois de Roubaix). Claire Dénis was assistant director. English titles: THE OLD GUN, VENGEANCE ONE BY ONE.


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