Endless Night (1971)

Endless Night (1971, GBR) C-95m. *** D: Sidney Gilliat. Starring Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett, Britt Ekland, George Sanders, Per Oscarsson, Lois Maxwell, Peter Bowles. Very interesting Agatha Christie adaptation, much too little-known. Bennett plays a driver, who blames his working-class background for preventing him to become the arts/antiques expert he secretly desires to be. If only he had the money to buy beautiful estate Gypsy's Acre and set up his existence there. Little does he know that fate has paved the way for this already. Intricately plotted, suspenseful mystery with an excellent Bernard Herrmann score. Midsection suffers most from leisurely pacing, but overall film is a must. There are more nuances to Bennett's character than in all the other characters of Agatha Christie adaptations together. Photographed by Harry Waxman. Gilliat's last film as a director.


© Ron Altman