La Lupa Mannara (1976)

Lupa Mannara, La (1976, ITA) C-78m. ** D: Rino Di Silvestro. Starring Annik Borel, Frederick Stafford, Tino Carraro, Andrea Scotti, Dagmar Lassander. Borel may be the reincarnation of a werewolf woman, burned at the stake 200 years ago, and indeed she kills her sister's lover at full moon. She takes it on the lam and falls in love with a stranger. Frustratingly uneven crossbreed of werewolf and revenge movie, with a strong performance by the lead actress. An interesting addition to the colorful canon of Italian exploitation cinema. Original version runs about 20 minutes longer. English titles: LEGEND OF THE WOLF WOMAN, DAUGHTER OF A WEREWOLF, NAKE WEREWOLF WOMAN, SHE-WOLF, TERROR OF THE SHE WOLF, WEREWOLF WOMAN, and even WOLF MAN(!).


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