Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (1987)

Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (1987, USA) C-83m. *** D: Bill Couturié. Featuring the voices of Tom Berenger, Ellen Burstyn, Willem Dafoe, Robert De Niro, Brian Dennehy, Kevin Dillon, Matt Dillon, Robert Downey Jr., Michael J. Fox, Mark Harmon, John Heard, Harvey Keitel, Elizabeth McGovern, Judd Nelson, Sean Penn, Randy Quaid, Eric Roberts, John Savage, Martin Sheen, Kathleen Turner, Robin Williams. Reminiscence of the Vietnam war, made up entirely of authentic film material, with excerpts from letters from soldiers and their families, read by big names in the film biz. Likely to start you crying (if you were there), but also much too pathetic in parts, and it provides a questionable glorification of war. Anyway, this one is effectively compiled, with some truly priceless oldies on the soundtrack.


© Ron Altman