La Muerte Llama a las Diez (1974)

Muerte Llama a las Diez, La (1974, SPA/ITA) C-91m. ** D: Juan Bosch. Starring Gillian Hills, Angel del Pozo, Carlos Otero, Orchidea de Santis. Mild, sloppily acted thriller about London lady Hills, whose husband is away in Vietnam. One day she takes in a stranger, who is then pushed off the balcony. From then on, a maniac seems to stalk the inhabitants of the house. Poorly constructed and paced, film is too vague but remains watchable. Interesting score by Marcello Giombini. This Spanish giallo was based on a novel by Luisa María de Linares. English titles: THE KILLER WORE GLOVES, HOT LIPS OF THE KILLER, SATAN'S LAST SUPPER.


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