Al Tropico del Cancro (1972, ITA) C-85m. SCOPE ** D: Eduardo Mulargia, Gian Paolo Lomi. Starring Anthony Steffen, Anita Strindberg, Gabriele Tinti, Umberto Raho, Stelio Candelli, Alfio Nicolosi. Just okay giallo about doctor Steffen, who has developed an important serum or drug on Haiti that many businessmen are after. When people around him turn up dead, it becomes clear that the formula is worth more than a human life. Interesting setting, replete with voodoo references, but plot is too vague for too long and hardly exciting. Some bizzarre slow-motion scenes involving Strindberg almost make it worthwhile. Spaghetti western actor Steffen also co-authored the story. Nice period soundtrack by Piero Umiliani. English titles: DEATH IN HAITI, PEACOCK'S PLACE, TROPIC OF CANCER.

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