Malastrana (1971)

Malastrana (1971, ITA/GER/YUG) C-97m. SCOPE ** D: Aldo Lado. Starring Ingrid Thulin, Jean Sorel, Mario Adorf, Barbara Bach, Fabijan Sovagovic, José Quaglio, Jürgen Drews. Vague mystery about reporter Sorel, who is found dead in a public park in Prague. However, he is not really dead. His mind is alive, and against the prospect of an impending autopsy, he tries to remember what brought him into this situation. It turns out he set out to find his lost girlfriend Bach in the streets of Prague. Interesting giallo is quite well-made and mysterious enough to keep you guessing, but dramatics are uneven and film has little punch. Genre fans shouldn't mind. Score by Ennio Morricone. Writer-director Lado's first film. Released as LA CORTE NOTTE DELLE BAMBOLE DI VETRO in Italy (MALASTRANA is the film's intended title, though). English titles: SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS and PARALYZED.


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