Nella Pieghe della Carne (1970, ITA/SPA) C-88m. ** D: Sergio Bergonzelli. Starring Eleanora Rossi Drago, (Anna Maria) Pier Angeli, Fernando Sancho, Alfredo Mayo, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, María Rosa Sclauzero, Victor Alcazar (=Barrera), Giancarlo Sisti. Giallo-variation with Freudian touches about a family who live in a sea-side villa with two vultures. One by one their visitors die, as the daughter (Pier Angeli) suffers from a psychosis that originated when she was raped by her father and subsequently killed him. Partly illogical plot comes up with insane twists, but giallo fans might find this a welcome addition to the oeuvre. From an idea by Mario Caiano. Spanish title: LAS ENDEMONIADAS. English title: IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH.

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