Sie Tötete in Ekstase (1970)

Sie Tötete in Ekstase (1970, GER/SPA) C-77m. ** D: Frank Hollman (=Jess Franco). Starring Susann Korda (=Soledad Miranda), Fred Williams, Howard Vernon, Paul Müller, Ewa Strömberg, Jess Franco, Horst Tappert. Typical sex-and-crime potboiler of that period, about doctor Williams, who conducts experiments with human embryos, which enrages the medical board. They ban him from the profession, which leads to his suicide. His wife cannot bear to live without him, so she goes on a murder spree and kills those she thinks responsible for his death. Rather inept, but any film with that cast and production year can't be bad. Miranda's last film (she died aged 27 in a road accident). Written by director Franco. The classical parts of the score are by Bruno Nicolai. Alternative titles: SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY, MRS. HYDE.


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